Infierno Chino


El fotógrafo chino Lu Guang muestra este trabajo donde nos enseña el costo que ha tenido que pagar el pueblo chino por su despunte económico. Los comentarios de las fotos están en inglés.
Chemical waste is thrown on the bank of the river Yangtze.
Able from the steel industry in the urban district of Anyang.
Steel mill waste is discharged into the river Anyang.
Washing in a pond littered with debris, Guiyou.
In Shitszuyshane people have to protect themselves from industrial dust falling from the sky.
Off the coast of the Yellow Sea is just such a huge amount of sewage pipes.
Same on the Yangtze River.
Wastes from the production of plastics dumped into the Yangtze River.
Thermal power plants, coal fired, in Inner Mongolia.
The territory of chemical contamination in Maanshane in the vicinity of the Yangtze River.
Liquid waste is discharged into the Yellow River.
Waste titanium production is discharged into Yangtze River. Less than a kilometer away, downstream, there is diversion of water for the needs of the city of Danyang.
Steel landscape in Tianjin. The scale of the company is still expanding.
Dumping of wastes into the Yellow Sea in the industrial park Binhaya, where there are more than 100 plants.
Waste water discharged into the Yangtze River and its surroundings are of different colors, depending on the type of chemical production: sometimes white, sometimes black, sometimes dark red or yellow.
Shanxi Province – one of the most polluted in China. This is also the place with the highest percentage of birth defects. In the photo the family who adopted 17 children with disabilities.
A shepherd on the banks of the Yellow River rose to an unbearable smell.
Yang Tianshui of Gansu left school after second grade to start working. Now he earns 16 yuan ($ 2.4) per day.
A couple of migrant workers in the production of lime in Inner Mongolia.
Migrants from poor areas to work on a very hazardous work, which undermines their health for a few years.
Because of dirty water 64-year-old Wang Baosheng from Linfen ill with cancer since 2003. Wounds all over his body does not make him sleep lying down, so he sleeps well.
45-year-old Sun Xiaojun from Vuganga also the victim of a bad environment can not move his hands and feet. Treatment does not help.
In 66-year-old Zhao Kun from the vicinity of Vuganga esophageal cancer at a late stage. Every day it hurts a fever.
His compatriot Gao Vanchuna wife died of cancer. He now lives in poverty.
After several hours of work in the cotton fields around Linfen peasants become similar to the miners.
Children from the contaminated area.
Seeking compensation for the loss of health, the victims, “signed” in blood.
In the village Huanvey (Yunnan Province) each year from cancer kills more than 20 people. 11-year-old Xu Li suffers from bone cancer.
In the village Hehyan (Hebei Province), more than 50 people suffering from cancer.
4-year-old girl with her grandfather came to the grave of the mother, who died of in 2008 of stomach cancer.


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