2011, Año de la Liebre Chino

Chinese Lunar New Year1.  Lion dance in London 2009.
Photo:  Paolo Camera

Chinese Lunar New Year2. Lanterns in Beijing, China‘s Ditan Park in 2009. Red symbolizes good luck. The  lantern festival on the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese new year marks the end of the new year celebrations.
Photo:  storyvillegirl

Chinese Lunar New Year3. The  dragon dance at the 2005 New York parade in Chinatown.
Photo:  heypatrick

Chinese Lunar New Year4. An elaborate headress at the 2008 Chinese New Year Parade in Sydney, Australia.
Photo:  dicktay2000

Chinese Lunar New Year5. Fireworks during the 2010 celebration in Sanya on Hainan Island in China.
Photo:  django.malone

Chinese Lunar New Year6. Chinatown Pagoda Street during the 2008 celebration in Singapore. Behind is the famous Buddha Tooth Relic Temple.
Photo:  william cho

Chinese Lunar New Year7. A dragon at the 2008 Austin, Texas celebration. The dragon dance performed at New Year celebrations is a symbol of luck and success for the coming year.
Photo:  jmtimages

Chinese Lunar New Year8. The parade in New York City in 2008. Traditionally, the New Year celebrations are family events.
Photo:  * raymond

Chinese Lunar New Year9. Pensive at the New York parade.
Photo: Francisco Collazo

Chinese Lunar New Year10. Performers at the 2008 celebration in Yokohama, Japan.
Photo:  tanakawho

Chinese Lunar New Year11. Lai-see envelopes or Hóng Bāo are red envelopes with money in them that bring good luck and are given as gifts, mostly to children, during the New Year. Oranges are symbols of wealth. (Chinese Cultural Center of San Francisco)
Photo:  kennymatic

Chinese Lunar New Year12. Firecrackers ready to be set off in Paris 2010.
Photo:  -NACH-

Chinese Lunar New Year13. Chinese  candy box with sugared coconut, red melon seeds, sugared lotus seeds, sugared water chestnuts, sugared lotus root, and black melon seeds. The candy box is New Year’s tradition and is usually filled with 6 or 8 candied items (6 and 8 are auspicious numbers in Chinese culture).
Photo:  denn

Chinese Lunar New Year14. Taking a break from the costume in New York.
Photo: Francisco Collazo

Chinese Lunar New Year15. Lanterns in Nagasaki 2006. 
Photo:  marufish




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